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We are located inside the newly renovated Women First medical office building in the Hampton Roads area of Chesapeake, VA. We offer a safe, attractive, and professional environment for our guests. Our ultrasounds are performed by a Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer credentialed through the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography with an emphasis in obstetrics and gynecology and over a decade of experience. Our ultrasound machine is a Samsung H60 V2.0 with 2d, 3d and 4d imaging capabilities. The ultrasound suite is spacious and offers seating for 4 guests and standing room for a few more. The wall-mounted 40″ monitor allows for easy viewing for mommy and guests. We look forward to meeting you and your little one!

We are proud to offer you the opportunity to see an amazing view into your baby’s world. Our live 4D ultrasound allows you, family and friends a once in a lifetime bonding experience with your new baby. You’ll get a digital copy of all your 2d/3d images and one or more small video clips called cineloops, taken during your session the same day. Also included are 5 black and white ultrasound prints from the machine’s printer. Truly, these are keepsakes that will be cherished forever. You only have nine months so schedule your appointment today!

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We seat up to four additional guests but there is standing room for more. The best time for an elective ultrasound is in the second and third trimesters. Both offer new and exciting details. Many of our guests like to start early and come back again later in the pregnancy to see the developments as their baby grows. If you choose to only have one ultrasound the recommended time is between weeks 26-34.

If you can find a better 3D/4D package in town we’ll match it!!

Please be advised that this is an elective, not diagnostic procedure. The PrenatalMemories ultrasound is for entertainment purposes only and to be used as a positive experience to help fathers and mothers bond with their unborn child. It is in no way meant to diagnose any health issue that might be going on with the mother or with the baby. All PrenatalMemories expectant mothers should be getting regular prenatal checkups from Dr. Margie Corney or their preferred OB/GYN. This includes getting diagnostic ultrasounds, for which PrenatalMemories does not claim to be a substitute.



Cast Your Vote – Gender Reveal Package – $109

  • 16-20 weeks
  • 10-15 minute 2D Ultrasound with some 3D
  • 5 Black and White prints
  • Video clip of baby movement
  • Estimated fetal weight, gestational age, heart rate and gender
  • Entire study via email and/or SMS

All About Me – 2D/3D/4D Session – $139

  • 24-36 weeks
  • 20-30 minute 2D/3D/4D Ultrasound
  • 5 Black and White prints
  • Video clip of baby movement
  • Estimated fetal weight, gestational age, heart rate and gender
  • Entire study via email and/or SMS

Bundle Of Joy – Total Package – $189

  • 16-20 weeks AND
  • 24-36 weeks
  • Any combination of All About Me and Cast Your Vote packages
  • Many parents enjoy their gender reveal ultrasound session that they come back again


Not Pregnant But Know A Couple Who Is?


PrenatalMemories sells gift certificates for each of its packages. Call the Women First office to order your PrenatalMemories gift certificate. Staff will run your credit card over the phone and email the gift certificate to you or your designated recipient.


Meet Our Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer (RDMS)

Kimberly Scott is credentialed through the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonograhy (ARDMS) in both Abdomen and Obstetrics and Gynecology. She has been registered since 2007 and working in the field since 2006. The first five years of her career were spent as a staff sonographer at one of our areas largest Level I Trauma hospitals, providing ultrasound imaging services to inpatients, outpatients and emergency patients. For the last 6 years she has worked solely in private practice specializing in OB/GYN. Kim is a wife as well as a mother to four children of her own and loves to introduce moms and dads to their little ones via ultrasound. She is proficient with 2d/3d/4d ultrasound technology and enjoys sharing what she knows with the expectant parents.
Kimberly Scott, Sonographer at PrenatalMemories

Keepsake Fetal Imaging FAQs


  • Questions 1: Will PrenatalMemories Ultrasound Keepsake Imaging be covered by insurance or do I have to pay out of pocket?
    • Answer 1: This is an elective service that is not covered by insurance. This type of ultrasound service is not medically necessary, therefore your health insurance will not cover the cost of this ultrasound.
  • Questions 2: What must I do in preparation for this ultrasound? Should I drink a lot of liquid or should I void my body of liquid?
    • Answer 2: Where comfortable clothes. A full or empty bladder will not influence the quality of your ultrasound.
  • Questions 3: During what time period in my pregnancy is it best to determine if I am having a boy or a girl baby?
    • Answer 3: PrenatalMemories best advice is that the mother be, at minimum, 16 weeks into her gestation in order to increase that changes of the ultrasound being able to determine the gender of the fetus.
  • Questions 4: Can I get a refund if I think the images of my baby are too blurry?
    • Answer 4: PrenatalMemories can not guarantee that the fetal portraits will be super crisp or super clear. There are too many variables for PrenatalMemories to be able to offer a guarantee like that. Amniotic fluid, the fetus moving around, the position the fetus is in inside the womb are just some of the factors that influence ultrasound image quality. For this reason, PrenatalMemories does not offer refunds.
  • Questions 5: During what time period in my pregnancy is it best to come in for a 3D/4D Ultrasound?
    • Answer 5: PrenatalMemories advises that mothers be 28 to 36 weeks into their gestation to increase the chances of a successful 3D/4D Ulatrasound.
  • Questions 6: How many minutes before my appointment begins should I actually arrive at the office?
    • Answer 6: PrenatalMemories advises customers to arrive at least fifteen minutes before their ultrasound is due to begin. This will give customers time to fill out the necessary paperwork and waivers and insure that the actual ultrasound starts at the scheduled time.

What customers are saying about PrenatalMemories!

  • Kristy Hall, Hampton Roads Blogger and Mother of 2
    • I cannot say enough great things about our experience and how pleased we were with our visit. We will definitely be returning for another peak of our little guy in the future! Thanks Kim!
  • Robin Brewley, Physical Education Teacher and Mother of 3
    • Loved getting to see my sweet baby girls face. I got in quickly and the staff was welcoming. Kim did a great job of getting the best shot possible. She is very friendly and you can tell she loves what she is doing.
  • Janice Johnson, Mother of 4
    • I loved my experience with First View. I’ve been to other ultrasound places in Chesapeake and Va Beach. This is where you want to go!


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Use the “Reason” drop down menu to choose your Prenatal Memories package: Cast Your Vote for $109, All About Me for $139 or Bundle of Joy for $189. The first available appointment date appears in the calendar box. To choose a different appointment date, click through future dates using the forward arrow on the top right hand side of the calendar box.

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