Having a positive body image with an aging body

Maybe you were an ugly duckling in high school. And maybe, with considerable effort and perhaps some dieting, you came to love and accept your body sometime in your late 20s or early 30s. And maybe you struggled through the entire process again after you had the last of your children. You may have had a non-aggression treaty with your body for decades now that seem to be holding up. Perhaps you had to go back on Weight Watchers after you hit forty because your metabolism slowed and you had to relearn how to eat. Perhaps you had a harrowing struggle with an illness but you overcame it.

And for many years you and your body were at peace. But now you are “older” and your body seems to be in actual rebellion. It attacks you with aches and pains not attributable to an actual injury. It never has your back when your bed time approaches and you still need energy to function and complete an all nighter task like you used to be able to do when you were young. Not to mention the full onslaught that is menopause.

Through all these age related changes, how exactly can one maintain a positive body image with a body that sometimes does not do what you want it to do despite your best efforts. Woman’s Lab, from BBC Radio, addresses just this topic in their Body Image episode. You can listen in the player below.

Women First is here to help you maintain a positive body image but helping you achieve a body that actually does look and function like a younger version of itself. Take sexual vitality for example. Because of vaginal dryness and vaginal looseness and occasional incontinence that accompany menopause, the joy is sometimes sapped from sex for some women. With the FemTouch non-invasive vaginal rejuvenation procedure, the tightness and the moisture of your younger vagina can be reclaimed. Book your FemTouch consultation appointment online today so you can discuss with a Women First physician how FemTouch can help you have a positive vagina image.

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