Your Feminine Health is in Good Hands with FemTouch

Vaginal Rejuvenation Chesapeake, VAAs a woman ages, there is a high likelihood that she is going to face certain struggles related to her feminine health. There are numerous reasons why, starting with hormones and how they have a direct effect on vaginal health. Throw in pregnancy and childbirth, the ups and downs of weight and of daily living, and the aging process, and you’ve got a recipe for more than a few frustrations. At Women First, our commitment is to the women we serve and to the best possible care packages for their unique needs. For ongoing feminine health, we trust FemTouch.

What is FemTouch and What Can it do For You?

FemTouch is one of the newest devices developed solely for non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation. The platform for treatment is CO2 laser energy. The delivery method is a small “wand” that fits comfortably into the vaginal canal. Nothing intimidating, nothing painful. During each treatment, the applicator tip emits pulses of laser energy that absorb into the entire mucosal lining of the vagina. This only takes a few minutes, and is not uncomfortable.

The way that FemTouch improves feminine health is by increasing the production of collagen within the lining of the vagina. Here, collagen supports structure and tissue strength, as well as thickness. Vaginal lubrication also improves as the mucosal lining becomes healthier through ongoing collagen production. While the remodeling of the vaginal canal occurs over time, a large percentage of women say that they notice a difference right away after their initial treatment session.

Feel Better How?

It isn’t enough to say that non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation can improve your feminine health. We know you want to know exactly how this treatment can help you feel better as you go through your life. Some of the indications for FemTouch treatment include stress urinary incontinence and vaginal dryness. When the vaginal canal is perpetually dry, there is an increased risk for urinary tract infections. Sexual intercourse is uncomfortable, to say the least; and a woman may struggle with vaginal itching related to dryness. As far as stress urinary incontinence goes, this is related to the weakness of vaginal tissues that occurs as hormones decline with age. After FemTouch treatment, each and every one of these symptoms can improve.

Are you ready to regain your feminine health? We can help. Call our Chesapeake, VA office at (757) 548-2800 to learn more about FemTouch.

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