Talk about menopause treatments while you’re pre-menopausal

Here’s how to calculate the best time to make an appointment at to discuss menopause treatments.  Take to your nearest living older female relative, typically your mother but if not your mother than your aunts and if not your aunts then your older sisters.  Ask them hold old they were when they went into menopause. Then subtract seven years from that.  That’s when you should start discussing your menopause options with your Women First physician.

Before mood swings start affecting your decision making

Before sex becomes physically uncomfortable

Before sleep is interrupted by hot flashes

Don’t wait until menopausal symptoms are upon you. Don’t even wait until you are in perimenopause. While treatments may change, knowing what you can expect and what your the options currently are in advance will give you peace of mind and a since of control in anticipation of a time when your body may seem very much out of control.

Take sex for example. Your mother, your aunt or whichever older female relative may make grin and bear it jokes about sex with their husbands after menopause because for them, it is physically uncomfortable and perhaps (because of breast cancer risk for example) hormone therapy was contraindicated for them.  Their stories do not have to be your story. Women First offers FemTouch, a non-surgical, non-invasive laser treatment that can restore sexual pleasure to menopausal women.  This is just one of the options your Women First physician can educate you about that will prepare you for when menopause comes so you can face it with a plan and without fear and anxiety.  There are a host of other treatments as well, depending on your menopausal symptoms.  Talk to your mother, aunt, older sister, whoever about what they experienced and then make your appointment to discuss menopause treatments here at Women First OB/GYN. Don’t wait.


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