Weekly sex can lead to a longer life even if you don’t enjoy it.

A small study conducted by the University of San Francisco on the sexual habits of 129 mothers found that once-a-week sex, pleasurable or not, increased the length of the DNA telomeres in the mothers studied.

Telomeres are the DNA end caps. As human bodies age the telomeres wear down. When they wear down DNA sequences are more likely to be lost in replication. Aging is, among other things, the break down cell renewal through less accurate DNA replication.

Here’s a short video on how telomeres work.

It is important to emphasize that 129 women is a very small study indeed. More research will have to be conducted before it can be said definitively that having sex you don’t necessarily enjoy will lengthen your telomeres, and therefore you life.

But why even answer that question at all? If the sex you are having is physically not enjoyable, WomenFirstGyn.com may be able to offer you a variety of treatments regardless of your age.  One of of those is vaginal rejuvenation with the FemTouch procedure. Learn more about how FemTouch can help bring the enjoyment back to sex for you.

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