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Sexual Health News You Can Use – July 2018

This Minnesota State University Professor Is Soliciting Dick Pics, For Science No really, Professor Alicia Walker at MSU is looking for 3,500 men to measure their flaccid and erect penises and to send in pictures of them doing the measuring. Professor Walker is conducting a legit study of how penis size affects various aspects of […]

Health News You Can Use – Wellness

Sleep Apnea Is More Dangerous Than You Think It’s not just about the snoring. Sleep apnea has some deadly consequences even beyond the obvious ones of falling asleep at the wheel. Stroke and heart attack are also at higher risk for those with sleep apnea. For people who are obese, losing weight is a surefire […]

Medical Weight Loss Chesapeake, VA

Does Medical Weight Loss Make Sense For You?

Medical weight loss programs have existed for some time now, and they have provided value to millions of men and women who had otherwise felt relatively stuck in their struggle to drop excess weight. Today, we see a virtual sea of fad diets and non-medical weight loss plans. Their merit is not diminished because they […]

Exercise makes the heart grow younger

People who begin an exercise regime, even in middle age, can stave off heart shrinkage and heart stiffening that comes with aging. Moderate to high intensity aerobic exercise for four or more hours per week can dramatically improve the elasticity of the heart, even for people in their 50s and 60s. This was shown in […]

Artist Lady Skollie Paints Burning Vaginas

In a country rife with violence against women from intimate partners as well as strangers, South African artist Laura Windvogel visualizes empowerment for women on canvas with images of flaming vaginas. For her, the ancient (still living in South Africa) people, the Khoisans have a female culture where women’s power is taken seriously because it […]

My Vagina Is Shaped Like A Big Mac

Everyone has parts of their body they wish were different. In Antonia’s case it’s her vagina labia for which she’d like a do over. Watch as Antonia explains the expansiveness of her labia and how this vagina anomaly can make for some very awkward social situations. Is your vagina behaving in ways that you find […]

Menopause Chesapeake VA

Let’s Talk about “The Change”

When you hear the term “The Change” in the discussion about women’s health, your initial assumption may be menopause. What we have learned over time is that menopause is just one stage of the transition a woman goes through sometime in mid-life. The first stage of transition and quite a long stage is perimenopause. Menopause […]

Remembering just how deadly influenza was back in 1918

An influenza outbreak in 1918 took the lives of 100 million people worldwide. The deaths took place in fewer than 18 months with over sixty-six percent of the deaths taking place during a 3 month period in the fall. The human population in 1918 was 1.5 billion. So the death of 100 million people is […]

Bionic vaginas made from pig intestines

The professor who developed an artificial trachea to help those with throat cancer claims to only be a few years away from developing a bionic vagina grown from pig intestines using human fat stem cells. The professor is Alexander Seifalian. He works for NanoRegMed based in London. Just like the artificial trachea, the bionic vagina […]

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