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Sleep Apnea Is More Dangerous Than You Think It’s not just about the snoring. Sleep apnea has some deadly consequences even beyond the obvious ones of falling asleep at the wheel. Stroke and heart attack are also at higher risk for those with sleep apnea. For people who are obese, losing weight is a surefire […]

How to have your best skin in no time

Abigail James, facialist to European celebrities, gives tips to the everyday person about practicing skin maintenance as part of a very, very busy schedule. Not everyone has the time to perform a seven step skin regime every day, twice a day, day in and day out. Abigail James discusses what the top skin maintenance priorities […]

Why young blood helps reverse aging

A new study in the journal Cell Report sheds light on the the biomechanics behind the age reversing properties of young blood. When old mice are infused with the blood of child mice, the old mice brains gain renewed plasticity. This manifests in the form of better spacial memory, growing new neurons and producing more […]

You have dark skin & you are beautiful. Don’t skin bleach.

Many of the popular skin bleaching creams used in the United States by darked skinned immigrant women from African nations contain mercury and other highly toxic chemicals. Despite these dangers, the creams remain popular among those from formerly colonized nations. When the “Black Is Beautiful” movement picked up speed in the United States during the […]

Say no to sunburns

When you are packing your vacation bags and snow is falling outside your window, it is easy not to think about sunburn protection that you’ll need at your much warmer vacation destination. Here are some tips to heal sunburns you were unable to avoid . The sun is Father Time’s most potent weapon. All those […]

Natural beauty remedies that are actually effective

All of these home beauty treatments are effective at maintaining the beauty of the hair, nails and skin that you have. But let’s be honest, none of these beauty treatments will turn back the clock. If you’re looking to permanently reduce wrinkles and fine lines in your face and restore some of the beauty of […]

Sugary foods accelerate skin aging

The muscles in your face, the ones holding up your skin, are undergirded by collagen.  Glycation undermines collagen production.  Glycation is the result of glucose and fructose (the chemical results of the human body breaking down carbohydrates and sugary foods) reacting in abnormal ways to proteins and fats in the human body to produce harmful […]

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