Is it Time to Move Toward a Slimmer You? Let’s Look at the Benefits of SculpSure

Fat elimination is a tricky and often frustrating endeavor. There are enormous benefits to implementing a healthy lifestyle to reduce weight. At the same time, a number of women we meet continue to struggle with lingering fatty deposits somewhere on their body – usually somewhere right around the middle – even once they have lost their desired amount of weight. To remedy this used to require surgery. Today, it is possible to refine body shape without anesthesia and surgical recovery. In our Chesapeake office, we do this with SculpSure.

What Patients Appreciate about SculpSure

There are several non-surgical fat reduction treatments available today. Why are so many people choosing SculpSure? The benefits speak for themselves:

  • Safety and efficacy. Nothing overrides the need for a safe and effective modality when it comes to the body. FDA-approved SculpSure has proven itself to be just that. Fat reduction after just one treatment is as much as 25% in the target treatment area, with minimal side effects and none of the risks of surgery.
  • Convenience. The fact that there is no downtime associated with SculpSure is reason enough to find this treatment convenient. However, patients also appreciate the fact that each session requires only about half an hour of their time in the office. If the desired outcome is achieved after one treatment, no further sessions are necessary. Additionally, it is possible to treat multiple areas in a single session.
  • Versatility. The way that SculpSure works is by emitting controlled energy through metal plates that are situated in the ideal configuration to target problem areas around the midsection, thighs, flanks, or upper arms.
  • Permanent results. SculpSure is a heat-based method of lipolysis. That means the fat cells that are targeted during treatment are actually destroyed and are gradually metabolized by the body. The cells that are eliminated will not come back. With the structure of a good diet and exercise program, patients are able to enjoy permanent reduction in the circumference of the area treated with SculpSure.

You deserve to love the body you’re in. Learn how SculpSure can make this happen long before the arrival of bikini season. Call Women First in Chesapeake at (757) 548-2800.

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