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Sleep Apnea Is More Dangerous Than You Think

It’s not just about the snoring. Sleep apnea has some deadly consequences even beyond the obvious ones of falling asleep at the wheel. Stroke and heart attack are also at higher risk for those with sleep apnea. For people who are obese, losing weight is a surefire way to cure sleep apnea. Women First has a weight loss option for every type of patient. If you are suffering from ongoing fatigue that has you dozing off during the day, call Women First today for you sleep apnea/weight loss consultation appointment. Find out if SmartLipo Triplex permanent fat removal, Sculpsure permanent fat removal or the Managed Weight Loss Program is the right sleep apnea cure for you. Learn more about sleep apnea in the article read below from the Women First Youtube Channel.

If you ate at Hardee’s near the Charlotte CTL Airport you need a Hepatitis A shot Like NOW

If you flew through CTL airport in Charlotte North Carolina and ate at the Hardees on Little Rock Road between June 13, 2018 and June 23, 2018 you need to make an appointment at Women First OB/GYN right away for a Hepatitis A shot. Listen to what the Mecklenberg Health Department has to say about potentially 4,000 people catching Hepatitus A from that Hardee’s in the video from the Women First Youtube channel below

Consumer reports heart guide

Not all heart surgery centers are equal. Results vary and if you’re considering heart surgery you need to look at all the variables. Consumer Reports gives you the information you need to decide which heart surgery center is right for you. Know what to ask your physician and what to look for in a center. Listen to the video below to get heart surgery pointers from Consumer Reports. If you want to avoid needing heart surgery, you can with healthy lifestyle changes. Women First offers a Managed Weight Loss program that offers you one-on-one coaching, one-on-one education and a personalized meal program. Call today for your Managed Weight Loss Program consultation.

Male birth control may be fewer than five years away

Women First offers all family planning and sexual health related medical services including STD testing, fertility diagnosis and birth control. As for that last one, Women First typically only offers it to women as condoms you can buy at any corner drug store and vasectomies are something Women First does not perform. But some day soon now Women First may be offering birth control options to men. From gels to patches to nasal sprays, testing is being conducted now on a whole slew of pharmaceutical birth control options for men. Hear all about it in the TIME Magazine article below.

Dealing With Vaginal Dryness

Vaginal dryness is a very treatable condition but too many women suffer alone. Options are discussed in this article. Women First offers FemTouch CO2 laser treatments for vaginal dryness for women who want a solution that does not involve estrogen or pills. Call today for your consultation appointment.

Dealing With Fecal Incontinence

Women First offers FEMTOUCH, a nonsurgical , non-pharmaceutical procedure to treat URINARY INCONTINENCE. When you can’t hold your pee, Women First is who you need to come see. Call for your consultation appointment today.

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