Sugary foods accelerate skin aging

The muscles in your face, the ones holding up your skin, are undergirded by collagen.  Glycation undermines collagen production.  Glycation is the result of glucose and fructose (the chemical results of the human body breaking down carbohydrates and sugary foods) reacting in abnormal ways to proteins and fats in the human body to produce harmful molecules called  “advanced glycation endproducts (conveniently acronymned: AGEs).”  It is as the body ages that the glycation process becomes more pronounced. First off because the body simply does not process sugars as efficiently as it did when we were younger. Second off because, frequently, humans burn fewer calories by being less active as they age. The more sugar not used for fuel the more likely it will get swept up in the glycation process. Third off because humans are simply eating too much sugar.

Here’s a video to help explain how exactly glycation accelerates skin aging.

So here’s the thing. You can not uneat all the sugar you’ve eaten through the years.  The damage may already be done. You can slow the process down by decreasing your sugar intake from here on.

But what you can do to build back up the collagen, reduce wrinkles and get that younger looking skin is book a Pellevé appointment here at


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