Medical Weight Loss Chesapeake, VA

Does Medical Weight Loss Make Sense For You?

Medical weight loss programs have existed for some time now, and they have provided value to millions of men and women who had otherwise felt relatively stuck in their struggle to drop excess weight. Today, we see a virtual sea of fad diets and non-medical weight loss plans. Their merit is not diminished because they […]

The gene reprogramming pill that mimics exercise

Imagine having a healthy blood pressure reading, a trim body and a heart that didn’t wind you walking up one flight of stairs – all from a pill without having to actually exercise. Right now big pharma is developing a drug that uses gene manipulation to get the human body to behave as if it […]

Exercise makes the heart grow younger

People who begin an exercise regime, even in middle age, can stave off heart shrinkage and heart stiffening that comes with aging. Moderate to high intensity aerobic exercise for four or more hours per week can dramatically improve the elasticity of the heart, even for people in their 50s and 60s. This was shown in […]

Artist Lady Skollie Paints Burning Vaginas

In a country rife with violence against women from intimate partners as well as strangers, South African artist Laura Windvogel visualizes empowerment for women on canvas with images of flaming vaginas. For her, the ancient (still living in South Africa) people, the Khoisans have a female culture where women’s power is taken seriously because it […]

Vaginal Rejuvenation Chesapeake, VA

Your Feminine Health is in Good Hands with FemTouch

As a woman ages, there is a high likelihood that she is going to face certain struggles related to her feminine health. There are numerous reasons why, starting with hormones and how they have a direct effect on vaginal health. Throw in pregnancy and childbirth, the ups and downs of weight and of daily living, […]

How to have your best skin in no time

Abigail James, facialist to European celebrities, gives tips to the everyday person about practicing skin maintenance as part of a very, very busy schedule. Not everyone has the time to perform a seven step skin regime every day, twice a day, day in and day out. Abigail James discusses what the top skin maintenance priorities […]

Why young blood helps reverse aging

A new study in the journal Cell Report sheds light on the the biomechanics behind the age reversing properties of young blood. When old mice are infused with the blood of child mice, the old mice brains gain renewed plasticity. This manifests in the form of better spacial memory, growing new neurons and producing more […]

You have dark skin & you are beautiful. Don’t skin bleach.

Many of the popular skin bleaching creams used in the United States by darked skinned immigrant women from African nations contain mercury and other highly toxic chemicals. Despite these dangers, the creams remain popular among those from formerly colonized nations. When the “Black Is Beautiful” movement picked up speed in the United States during the […]

We need to talk about female masturbation

Emma Barnett from the BBC show The Woman’s Hour goes on a journey to ask women if they are willing to open up about their own masturbation habits. She finds out how exactly society started thinking masturbation a disease even though the Bible doesn’t really speak that much about it. Watch Emma’s 12 minute journey […]

My Vagina Is Shaped Like A Big Mac

Everyone has parts of their body they wish were different. In Antonia’s case it’s her vagina labia for which she’d like a do over. Watch as Antonia explains the expansiveness of her labia and how this vagina anomaly can make for some very awkward social situations. Is your vagina behaving in ways that you find […]

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